How To Fix Common Washing Machine Problems

Common Washing Machine Problems  And How To Fix Them


  • Leaks.

If you notice any leakages it might be a quick fix such as replacing the hose or cleaning/replacing the lint filter. If there is a prolonged leakage this could cause mold or water damage so make sure you check your carpets and floorboards to avoid any nasty surprises.


  • Spinning Issues.

If you notice any spinning problems with your washing machine then it is usually down to a damaged, worn or broken belt. These can cost between £30 to £60, which is significantly cheaper than a new washing machine.


  • Rubber Seals.

Make sure the rubber seal is not damaged or broken as this stops any water from escaping. If you notice any leakage replace the seal, or, you could go back to hand washing your clothes, up to you – but we know what we would do!


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